Mr. K.N. Pandey, a man of vision, strongly believes in "Karmashakti" and has truly proved that if you do, you can win. Hailing from a small village, Gonda, in the state of Uttar Pradesh of the country - where there was no school in a radius of 10-15 kilometers except a few government run primary schools. Since he started progressing in the business, Mr. Pandey had a dream to bring in higher education to his village for the deprived children of the locality.

And, his dream came true in the year of 1995 when he founded and started an Inter College in the village in the name of her mother - Smt. Shanti Devi Inter College. The school commenced with 200 children getting admission to and, presently around 2300 students are registered there.

For first 3 years of commencement, and, to attract maximum number of children to the school, Mr. Pandey fixed up a token amount of Rs. 1/- only for the school fee besides sponsoring the uniform and books for the students.
Now, the fee structure has been revised, but, still, has been kept as low as Rs.65=00 per month. A Six Bed Hospital is also being run there in the same school building, providing the health and medical facilities to the village people.

Degree College - Mr. Pandey is also working on a new project of opening an Degree College for the children to study up to college level in the village.
Besides, Mr. Pandey has launched a campaign against the use of alcohol& tobacco. And, he is taking sessions for teaching the addicted people detailing them about the wrongs of the disastrous habits.