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Combines maximal comfort, high quality and excellent ergonomics and functional properties.
This stylish and modern workstation is a real good office partner in any office environment.

(L 3000 x D 3000 x H 1050)


This collection is executed in a fashionable minimalistic style.
The well thought our possibilities for variations with this model range and a wide choice of colors allow us to create a unique office for each client.
This series has been worked out with consideration of requirements in this modern world for ergonomics and functionality of the office furniture.

(W 2400 x D 1200 x H 1050)


The polar collection, is an excellent choice for a modern office.
Well thought out section options will let you achieve rational and efficient organizations of a working space.

(W 3000 x D 1500 x H 1050)

Groove 1

(W 2400 x D 1260 x H1200)


All those who like a never ageing classical style with its exquisite and at the same time austere design, will love this range.
This model includes everything necessary to create a comfortable work environment in an office.

(W 3060 x D 1860 x H 1200)